The keys to self-confidence

During the last few days, I have been coaching women who do not feel confident in their own skin and to whom, this lack of confidence has had tremendous impact on their career, business journey and sexuality.If I had to  sum up their feelings in one sentence, it would be the following : "What is wrong with me?"

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Starting the week with gratitude

This is our motivation time of the week and I have a word that comes to mind when writing this message GRATITUDE!

Sometimes we are so caught up in our business journey, organization, family and other issues that we forget to be happy with what we already have, who we already are.

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Regrets after sex...

With the multiplication of dating apps, the simple access to birth control and this society of instant pleasure and gratification, we have a tendency to forget than more than just a few minutes of fun, sexual intercourse is a very powerful tool to share energy. There are many reasons why we can have regrets after sex. Learn why and how to recover

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