The fertility of a woman is often summarized as her ability to raise children.


Yet to be fertile is to give life.

Having ideas, projects, music, choreography, plants, succulent dishes, poetry, clothes, jewelry, perfumes, experiences ...


It's co-creating with the universe.

It's transforming

It's following your intuition

To be fertile is to let your creativity express itself


In our societies, we tend to value a woman according to her ability to give children to the clan. Leaving all those who can not give birth on the bench of society. Treat them as less than nothing. Treat them as under women. To stigmatize them, to mock them. Forcing them to reveal some of their intimacy so that the stigma ceases. .

I was this woman, who was asked "when will the second?"

I coach these women, who are asked "So when are we expecting?"

When I was asked the question, I said "my second baby is my business". I invite you to give a similar answer. Without having to justify yourself. And if you want to talk and overcome these blockages and pains, learn, release your creative power appointment July 6 for my wombcare workshop.



Pic Saadi Khalil. @ Saddikhaliphotos