You are your own brand


6 years ago

When you sell hair products, you can not afford to have bad hair days.I set myself as an example for the thousands of women who trusted me in their hair journey. I used my personal image to sell. I had no problems with that even if it required me to go way beyond my comfort zone and my introversion.

Today, with Afropreneuses, it's the same. I share my business journey with my clients, my thoughts, doubts, successes and failures. I do not hide. And I encourage my clients to do the same. To use their image to sell their products and services to impact the world.

Are you afraid to show who you are? Authentically. Are you hiding yourself?

As my sister Felicia M. Leatherwood once told me "You are your own brand"

Impact with your community with who you are. You are your main asset

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