African House of WELLNESS

Those  hands that say I feel you
Those hands that say I love
Those hands that say I got you
Thank you @dakarpassion68 for this beautiful picture, for  being here with us, for sharing your story with me, for giving me your trust. I feel honored, blessed and can not wait visit you in Alsace! .
Their transformation story is to read on the site, under "avis"

I do not think you came here by chance. Something bigger than us brought you here. Welcome home sis. Here, you have nothing to worry about. If you need help to restore order in your life, you don’t know where you are, no worries, we've been there too, we have things that can help you. I tell you my story here. To get to know me a little more, you can read the topics I'm talking about on the blog and then, why not, sign up for the newsletter if you feel like it. These free ressources will allow you to know if we are well connected.

I usually help my clients for a minimum of 3 months, more if we need to work on different areas of your life. But I understand that committing to someone you don’t know can be difficult. Therefore, I enable you to book a first consultation with me. I will listen to you, give you first advices and see if there is a need for more. The consultations are on the phone most of the time, but I travel a lot and if it is possible, we can try to see each other in a city near you.



African wisdom and traditions to cope with a crazy world

Changing your life requires to follow a method. It requires strong foundations, it requires a clear vision, it requires tools, it requires energy.

My mission is to hold your hand during this process, and give you the appropriate environment, motivation, inspiration in your journey. To do so, I use African wisdom and traditions to help you navigate and restore your life force, creative power.



Intuitive Life & Business Coach, Holistic practitioner since 2010, my work is to use all of the tools in my power and techniques learned in my 15 year old career to help you get where you want to be.



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I believe that every woman has the capacity to change her life. I believe in beauty, business and wellness as transformational tools. When you launch and grow a business, decide to go natural or to enhance your sex life, you necessarily have to dive deep into all aspects of your life. Relationships, Money, Dreams and Aspirations, Community, Motherhood. You have to look at yourself in the mirror. Forget the person you were. And accept to become the woman you want to be.