As far as I can remember, I have always had an issue with my weight. I was 8 months old when I was put on a diet for the first time. At 8 years old, my parents almost got divorced and the little girl I was ate all of her emotions. I started using food as a coping mechanism and started a long struggle with weight then. I spent my teenage years and young adult life going from diet to diet, loosing and gaining weight, starving myself, spending hours at the gym that my body received as violence.

When I got pregnant of my first child at 25, I went into a deep depression during pregnancy, and I gained over 30 kilos. At 29 though, when I decided to go back natural, I decided that I would stop hating myself and starting loving my self as I was. With my kinky hair, with my curvy lines, with my round belly. It has absolutely changed my life. It made me the coach I am. I learned how to regain self esteem and self confidence. In my journey to self liberation and self love, I have used and developed a series of exercices and methods that helped me. Those exercices are the results of 9 years of practice as a beauty, wellness and business coach.

I could have made a online class or workshop as I usually do, but I also wanted to offer an enchanted parenthesis for women who look like the woman I was a few years ago. A woman full of insecurities, who runs in all directions, who wants to take time for herself but who is eaten up by the weight of guilt.

This retreat, I designed it for you sister, who suffers in silence, who thinks that whatever she does, it will never be enough.

Welcome home sis!

Our program for the weekend

Thursday night:

Thursday night

Welcome Home Sis,

Welcome drinks,

Dinner (included)

Friday morning :

Yoga, Meditation,

Breakfast included)

Workshop Be the Woman you want to be: take stock together on your values, the woman you want to be, your aspirations, your dreams

Friday NOON :

Woman of Power lunch (included)

Friday afternoon :

Free time, swimming pool & gardens access

Workshop Mirror Mirror, my insecurities and me

Workshop Cooking Therapy

Friday night :

Screening & Sister Talk

Saturday morning :

Breakfast included)

Dance Therapy

Eating Your Emotions Workshop: Let's have a look of these negative emotions that prevent you from being the woman you want to be

Saturday afternoon :

Woman of Power lunch (included)

Saturday afternoon :

Free time, swimming pool & gardens access



The venue

Our retreat will take place in a Castle, in Anjou, France

Anjou is the region of Sweetness in France. Known for its sweet weather, wines and nature, I have settled here and decided to make this land my own.

The retreat will enable you to recharge your batteries in the heart of nature, with food from the garden and local producers.

Address to be confirmed to the attendees

Practical arrangements :

Duration: 3 days, 2 nights

Price: 1800 €, possibility of payment in several times by credit card or Paypal

The price includes 3 days of workshops, 2 nights, meals, refreshments (wine included) and snacks, transfer from and to Angers Saint Laud train station

Transport costs to the Angers Saint Laud train station are the responsibility of the participants (round trips)

Tickets reserved in priority to members of ClevaCrew, registrations on recommendations or pre-registration.

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